PC-1 coda

MC phono cartridge


  • It’s been over a decade since the first AirTight MC cartridge PC-1 made its debut.The PC-1 was well received and soon after became a reference cartridge model among audiophile for its dynamic sound, surprising low impedance, and high voltage output that beats common wisdom to MC cartridge. AirTight continued to PC-1 Supreme, and in 2016, released Opus-1, a cartridge with totally renovated mechanical constructions and power train as our 30 years anniversary and a flagship model. Today, we are pleased to announce debut of PC-1 coda, a new MC Cartridge pouring technologies and knowledges from our years of designing Cartridge.
  • Phono Cartridges picks up sensitive musical information from sub-micron grooves, and body of cartridge that holds power generator/coils and magnets tremendously influences sound reproducing quality. From our very first PC-1 cartridge, AirTight has been using precisely machined metal cartridge base for deeper lows and higher sound resolution, and as the compilation of techniques, at Opus-1 we reached to Super Aluminum alloy A7075 which has one of the highest strength in Aluminum alloys. Over the course of development, we tested with many different types of alloys with higher strength, frequency responses, and/or having unique sound but we decided not to use such alloys as we believe that sound shall not be affected by the materials and should be selected purely from true reproduction of music. The A7075 was selected as the alloy of the choice for less sound coloration. We added Chrome coating in addition to thick 50 μ Nickel base coating to the alloy for deeper sound resolution.
  • We are backfitting this technology on PC-1 coda, and using the A7075 as a cartridge base alloy, giving sharper and speedy lows and clearer sound stage compared with its predisessor PC-1/PC-1s. We also finetuned suspension mechanism from raw material for firm and high resolution sound images in atmosphere. As the same to PC-1/PC-1s, "Boron" an alloy with good physical characteristics has been used for Cantilever material.


Internal impedance:
1.7 ohms (DCR)
Output voltage:
Stylus pressure:
2.0 - 2.2g
Channel balance:
within 0.5dB/1kHz
Stylus Tip Type:
Semi-line contact (3 μ mm × 30 μ mm)
Cartridge base:
A7075 (Extra Super Duralumin)
Rhodium plating

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